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Thread: Bleem! on XP

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    Bleem! on XP

    This is a project i made to run 'Bleem!' (a PSX Emulator who could worked only on Win9x, and used heavy anti-debug features) on Windows 2000 & XP SP2.

    It should be eventually used as tutorial from 'skilled enough' people about how to emulate Win9x-specific stuff (VxD calls, ring-0 access, MSCDEX interface, DirectX API hooking) from a non-Win9x OS.

    For a brief description about how it work, check the 'info_src.txt' file.
    The full source codes are included.
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    Very nice work, thanks for your contribution.
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    I was just thinking about this app a few days ago, remembered when Xoanin did it the first day it came out. Very nice thing you did here.


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    Great work. Im testing it now with KEY-CD, but i cant get it work correctly.

    I set 3GB mode.

    When i run bleem (i test demo 1.4, full 1.5a, 1.5b, 1.6aBETA and 1.6bBETA).

    On demo - nothings happen.
    On full - it ask for keycd - when i put keycd in my drive bleem validates it and show license disclaimer.
    When i agree (mean press OK) it suddenly exits without any message.

    Any suggestions?

    Now i compile debug version of bleem_nt.dll - it creates log and dump file. If they are useful i can send to you sapu.
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    This is fascinating. You went through a true tour-de-force of reverse engineering and coding effort to get this program to run on XP, something I never would have even thought to attempt, and you actually pulled it off too! You couldn't have picked a more sentimental target from an oldschool ex-scenester's perspective either ... I remember the scene going crazy over +xOANON/uCF cracking this thing in six hours.

    Awesome work. REspect.


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