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Thread: Quick Unpack v1.0 final

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    Quick Unpack v1.0 final

    Quick Unpack v1.0 final readme

    The program is intended for fast (in a few seconds) unpacking of simple packers (UPX, ASPack, PE Diminisher, PECompact, PE-PACK, PackMan, WinUPack and many others). Quick Unpack tries to bypass all possible scramblers/obfuscators. From the version 1.0 the opportunity of unpacking dll is added. This opportunity makes Quick Unpack unique software product which has no similar analogues in the world!

    The license and rights
    The list of sources used in coding Quick Unpack 1.0.
    GenOEP.dll by Snaker
    stripper asprotect unpacker by syd
    PEiDLL.dll by Bob

    History of the versions
    v1.0 final
    Unfortunately Feuerrader has left this project, so from now on I'm (Archer) is the only developer.

    [!] several bugs fixed like possible tls corruption when removing sections or possible program crash when reading false relocations
    [!] identifies dll according to the flag in the header instead of the extension
    [!] improved import tracer doesn't fail to trace emulated functions
    [+] overlay append option added
    [+] ability to disassemble import functions (if some function was emulated you may use this to identify the function)
    [+] ability to add new library (allows to use import functions from the new library when editing import functions. also while loading the library the program stands at the OEP, so you can use your own library to do something with the import or with the program)
    [+] ability to edit import functions (allows to fix some import functions by hand. the edit window supports typing function's name on the keyboard along with the choosing it in the listbox)
    [+] option to add suspicious functions (allows to add possibly emulated functions to the import table to fix them by hand later using new feature above. be warned that false functions may be also added and they must be removed)
    [-] no more imprec dll (this method was rather buggy, others methods are more powerful, so I decided to remove this one)

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    nice tool thanx
    [ each day pass , we learn more ]

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