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Thread: Bypass an .exe's HWID Check

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    Bypass an .exe's HWID Check

    One of my friends created a cheating program (i.e. cheats. godmode, money etc) which hooks itself into a certain game when the game is launched. ()

    The problem is, he placed a HWID check into program, which means it can only be run on certain computers with a recognized HWID embedded within the program. i.e. The cheat fails to hook the game's memory if the HWID of the computer isn't in the program.

    File analysis shows something like:
    Packers: PE_Patch , ASPack
    (which then I assume, it has been protected/packed with anticracking protection)

    I need someone to bypass the HWID check of my computer and then show me how its done.
    My offer for this is US$100.

    Admins feel free to warn me if I'm violating any rules here.
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    oh for fuck sake, paid crack request...
    if he's your friend, get a special exe from him with the hwid bypassed......

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    Asking people to crack your stuff is bad enough here, but offering money to get stuff cracked is a lot worse.

    Like evlcrn8 says, just ask your mate for another version, or for a special version with no hwid.

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    /me considers doing on now that he's offering money

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