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Thread: Anybody know a decompiler for...

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    Anybody know a decompiler for...

    First I'm sorry for my bad english ,but I want to ask if anybody know a decompiler for a dvb project (project made in vb for autocad)This project is also password protected.
    I'm searching for that kind of program to decompile a project for almost a yeat but I have not results.
    Thanks in advance
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    DVB files are just regular VBA projects. You don't need a decompiler. The code isn't compiled because VBA is an interpreted language. Your problem is simply that the DVB is password-protected, so that you can't view the code.

    Try searching for "dvb" and "password" within the autodesk.* newsgroups:*
    The signal-to-noise ratio isn't very good, but there are some useful responses in there, eventually.

    More likely than not, the tool you're looking for is called vbakey.
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