May 18, 2007 - Happy birthday, Version 2?

What is the birthday for a program? The day when it becomes useful for the first time. Today it happened. I have finished the debugging engine.

Well, not really. There are no memory or hardware breakpoints yet. OllyDbg can only set single-step traps and INT3 breakpoints, and run trace is not yet implemented. But all this is unimportant. I can step in and over, set conditions and log results; in brief - OllyDbg 2.0 has become a DEBUGGER. On such happy event, everybody wants to have a look on the newborn - here is a full-size picture:


The baby is almost new and can't take a walk, and it is very weak. This means, you must wait a bit longer till doctors will allow you to take it into hands. In my ToDo list, there are more than twenty items of priority AAA+ - Things To Be Done Before One Is Allowed To Even Wonder About Alpha Release, like:

* precompiled table of known functions as resource;
* recognition of functions that play with return address on the stack (like allocation of huge local data) - important, because a lot of sensible analysis depends on it;
* comment operands of assembler commands - currently it's just a stub without intellect;
* save data to .udd file;
* on-line analysis of stack data;
* copy modifications to executable file;

and so on, and so forth. So be patient, as ever