Hi everybody, it's been a couple weeks since we started this project and since then all of the people that participated managed to register the program. Here is the code for the keygen written in MASM.

szDrive db "C:\",0
szBuffer dd 0
szCaption db "Moving Picture - KeyGen by Goatass"

szKey db 10 dup(?) ;an array of characters


;int 3 ;my personal break point for testing

invoke GetVolumeInformationA, addr szDrive, NULL, NULL, addr szBuffer, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL
mov eax, dword ptr [szBuffer] ;saves the returned serial number of my C: drive
xor edx, edx ;all this code was taken out of the actual program
mov ecx, 5f5e100h
div ecx
mov eax, edx

mov ecx, 03h
idiv ecx
add eax, 1e35h

invoke dwtoa, eax, ADDR szKey ;converts the Hex value to decimal
invoke MessageBox,NULL,ADDR szKey, ADDR szCaption, MB_OK ;shows the serial number

This is it, very simple, I only showed the keygen code I didn't show any of the non-relevant code that goes along with an ASM program. If you want the full code e-mail me and I'll send it to you.