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Thread: I can only shake my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigint33 View Post
    And what was THX1138 REALLY about????
    Thats like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Owl
    The world may never know.

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    At the risk of showing just how nerdy we were, my brother DID IT. (I counted). It took 711 licks to get to the tootsie roll center of the tootsie roll pop.

    (Cue Grandpa Simpson voice)
    We only had 4 TV stations, and that's the way we LIKED it!

    We were bored kids. (As if you couldn't already tell).

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    I saw a .dll in a project once that had a function named HasProductBeenPurchased, and return a bool.
    hehe, even HP big flag ships "HP open view" software is _very_ open in similar terms ...

    i notified them once, that they provide software demo downloads with debug info. internally they said it was discussed a lot, 2yrs later i still downloaded with debug info

    -> ie:

    Example1: ovutil.dll-OVLICisExpired():The linear codingstyle shows no protection techniques - this
    looks like highlevel coded without understanding what software protection is all about.

    It really is the standard code to show people how to NOT do a date expiration check.

    _text:5A415C6E public__OVLICisExpired
    _text:5A415C6E__OVLICisExpiredprocnear ;CODEXREF:_OVNNMreadLicEntries+1FD p
    _text:5A415C6Enow =dwordptr-4
    _text:5A415C6EexpirationTime =byteptr 8
    _text:5A415C6E push ebp ;Function has frame pointer omitted
    _text:5A415C6F mov ebp,esp
    _text:5A415C71 push ecx
    _text:5A415C72 push 0
    _text:5A415C74 call ds:__imp__time
    _text:5A415C7A add esp,4
    _text:5A415C7D mov [ebp+now],eax
    _text:5A415C80 mov eax,dwordptr[ebp+expirationTime]
    _text:5A415C83 mov ecx,[ebp+now]
    _text:5A415C86 cmp ecx,[eax]
    _text:5A415C88 jle shortloc_0_5A415C9C <----PATCH THE SPOF HERE----<
    _text:5A415C8A mov edx,dwordptr[ebp+expirationTime]
    _text:5A415C8D cmp dwordptr[edx],0DBE5Fh
    _text:5A415C93 jz shortloc_0_5A415C9C
    _text:5A415C95 mov eax,1 ;ORHERE(eax=1meansEXPIRED)
    _text:5A415C9A jmp shortloc_0_5A415C9E
    _text:5A415C9Cloc_0_5A415C9C:xor eax,eax
    _text:5A415C9Eloc_0_5A415C9E:mov esp,ebp
    _text:5A415CA0 pop ebp
    _text:5A415CA1 retn
    _text:5A415CA1__OVLICisExpiredendp ; TO MAKE NNM LICENSE VALID FOREVER!!


    who runs network node manager on his computer anyways , but still it helps so much to find exploits with all that info ... MAAAN!

    cheers, 0xf001

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0xf001 View Post
    _text:5A415C6E push ebp ;Function has frame pointer omitted

    Anyway, this one is good for a laugh:
    <[TN]FBMachine> i got kicked out of barnes and noble once for moving all the bibles into the fiction section

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    hi fr33ke,

    to your quote - its an ida default comment

    regards, 0xf001

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