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BoontySecure, the DRM solution from Boonty, is a common layer for backend and payment integration with a singular and unique user interface. For the security layers, BoontySecure uses SafeCast from Macrovision and now StarForce. Other DRM solutions are also able to be integrated under BoontySecure. To my knowledge, this protection system was first introduced in 2004. Macrovision Corporation provides a unique universal licensing solution with its FLEXnet suite of products including SafeDisc (advanced) and its less obtrusive legacy sibling Safecast used here.

FLEXnet’s Product Activation technology, as used by Boonty, one of the leading European online gaming platform providers, controls piracy and unlicensed use without inconveniencing end users. The technology safeguards a wide range of eCommerce and Electronic Software Distribution solutions by preventing unauthorized copying whilst managing subscriptions and rentals of software. Products can be delivered via any digital medium, at the same time allowing the retailer or the software owner to retain complete control over how and when products (in this case games) can be unlocked. Macrovision also provides the reassurance of substantial resources dedicated to continually improving their products and a track record that points to continued commercial success.

With this in mind, I will show you how the above technology can be exploited in a fairly straightforward generic fashion. This document will focus on a generic dll injection technique for all Boonty games that utilize Macrovision’s FLEXnet Activation Service installer dll file. We will use their dll file to launch our own dll file which will perform some intelligent search / replace byte pattern matching and the necessary patching operations negating the influence of the Safecast FLEXnet Activation GUI.
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