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Thread: MSVirtualPc 2007 is available here.

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    MSVirtualPc 2007 is available here.

    This one is for those who are new in VirtualPC. I think vmware is better than MS VirtualPC ,since i have some problem in using vmware, so i tested MS VirtualPC 2004 SP1(heh , old stuff now) but its working fine . OK, those who are new in virtualpc i hope this will give you some light and i want you to give a try.As you know VirtualPC is nice for testing Virus/malware
    I hope this MSVirtualPC2007 is better than 2004 , size is 30.4-60.9mb

    Grab all those tools before it dissappeare and try to explore this unfamiliar Universe from a safe place.Good luck .
    heres a link:
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    That reminds me, this is probably old news for many, but you can also download the beta version of VMWare 6.0 just for the asking:
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