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Thread: [D3D] some questions about game reversing

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    ...@admins: place an EULA permission to read this thread to crackers only!!

    I want to know God's thoughts ...the rest are details.
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    ..."a shellcode is a command you do at the linux shell"...

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    I wrote a little thing that sum up what was previously said, plus some interesting things I discovered. It is only in french at the moment, just notice almost everything said in the file is available on this thread in english.
    Thanks to Squallsurf and TiGa for last minute review.

    I had good echoes until now, it's not perfect though.
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    Nice work (even though I don't speak/read French). Distilling and archiving of interesting threads is always a good way to use and preserve the valuable knowledge discussed on messageboards.
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    My french is... not much better than Delta's one -well, maybe a little- and it seems a good work for what I am able to understand.

    Congratulations, and keep writing, RCE needs it
    I want to know God's thoughts ...the rest are details.
    (A. Einstein)
    ..."a shellcode is a command you do at the linux shell"...

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    Who would have ever guessed that speaking French would be useful on the Internet one day?

    Continues le bon travail Silkut, c'est très intéressant!

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    My French is also barely passable, but I could understand enough to get the gist of your PDF. Great work, well done for creating the pdf!
    Still here...

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