IDA plugin: Extract (UnRot13) and analyze

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Some times ago I stumbled on a post at Offensive Computing where an user had some problems trying to figure out the encryption used by a malware (md5=36401cb9178232dde01b2788e8fc56f4).
The malware contains 2 files located in the resource section. The files are encrypted, how to find out the encryption scheme? Well, using a debugger I would say. I didn’t start any debugger btw, deciding to take a look at the files using a resource editor. It’s a common thing to store files inside resource section. Here are the starting bytes of the first file:

If you know which are the first common bytes in an exe file you should be able to figure out yourself which kind of encryption has been used. The presence of many 013 bytes is a nice hint, the file has been rot13-ed.

In an old blog entry ( I talked about a little ida plugin able to extract and analyze an hidden file; I slightly changed the plugin adding the possibility to un-rot13 the hidden file. Take a look at the simple dialog:

You can download the plugin from:

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