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As promised, I'm hereby releasing the Rebe.NET software.


Rebel.NET is a rebuilding tool for .NET assemblies which is capable of adding and replacing methods and streams. It's possible to replace only a limited number of methods or every method contained in a .NET assembly. The simplicity of Rebel.NET consists in the replacing process: one can choose what to replace. Rebel.NET is, mainly, a very solid base to overcome every .NET protection and to re-create a fully decompilable .NET assembly. As such, Rebel.NET has to be considered a research project, not an encouragement to violate licensing terms.

As I have written the software and the article in this week when during my sickness (fever), I'm expecting bugs and typos. Please report them.

Of course, I've tested the Rebel.NET with more advanced .NET assemblies than those presented in the guide.

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Updated April 25th, 2008 at 14:59 by Daniel Pistelli