The Point-R technique

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While trying to track down a really difficult problem in the production version of our software that only manifested itself in certain configurations on SunW,
i thought to myself... There Must Be A Better Way!

So here, i present you the Point-R technique.
It is very similar to the hmemcpy technique which we all miss so much, in that it will give you a jump start with any debugging problem.

Just load the problematic file, be it a program of yours or something you need to crack, into ida and run point-r.upb.idc.

Set a breakpoint on Point-R, let it run until the breakpoint breaks and you will be at the core of the problem at hand.

The script will find Point-R by utilizing a series of successive complex approximations, much in the same way you would find a square root with some fixed precision.

Enjoy and comment/enhance it!
(and do not hesitate to correct my spelling/style errors [LLXX])
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