Interesting Kernel32 Constant

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while i was doing some Research i stumpled on something which i found very interesting , i was attempting to Change the Location of Peb->ProcessHeap , which i did successfully , but the application still continued to use the Old Heap , which i dident want , so i startet digging and came across something ive never seen before.

in the Api LocalAlloc i found that it keeps a Constant copy of Peb->ProcessHeap inside Kernel32 itself.

7C809A63 FF35 A453887C PUSH DWORD PTR DS:[7C8853A4] -> contains copy of Peb->ProcessHeap

so modifying the PEB only had limited success , but changeing this Value aswell . fixed my problem.

i guess pretty clearly this Push ..should have been a call GetProcessHeap() instead , or somebody else has a view why windows would do like this ?


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Updated October 11th, 2008 at 07:39 by Arcane