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antisptd is a driver that makes it possible for softice to load when sptd.sys is present. It uses the method described by Kayaker and that is, by removing the notifyroutine sptd sets to prevent ntice.sys to load. After ntice.sys gets loaded, it restores the notifyroutine and the keyboard hooks in i8042prt.sys that have been screwed by the sptd.sys.

Just put the startsi.exe in a directory with antisptd.sys and execute startsi.exe.

The driver should work on XP SP2/SP3 with the latest softice installed. I have no idea if it'll work on XP SP1 (cause I have used hardcoded values to locate the patch locations in i8042prt.sys). If it doesnt work, feel free to modify the sources and recompile the driver yourself.
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