First blog entry ever on!

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So, the day has finally come, we now have free blogs for all members!

Sorry for waiting with it until now...

Any member can from now on have their own, full-featured blog here at, with RSS feed, pingbacks and everything else you would expect from a serious blog host. And of course, the freedom to write about anything you want, as long as you follow our usual rules (i.e. don't post any explicit information about how to remove the protection from any named commercial products, however do note that named malware protection busting for example is completely OK!).

So, together let's make this the best reversing blog place ever, starting now, and please everyone who already has (or knows someone who has) a reversing blog on some other generic host like Wordpress, Blogger or whatnot, move it here, now!

Well, don't just stand there, blog away then!

Some useful tips for new bloggers:

You should normally set the options in your blog control panel to the following (which is also the default suggestion when you view your blog settings):

Members on buddy list may:
View Blog
Leave comments on blog entries

Everyone else may:
View Blog
Leave comments on blog entries

Our global site settings still makes it so that people who are not members of the board cannot post any comments, so you don't have to worry about any spam, and should not manipulate the settings above to protect against that.

Similarly, you should not use these global blog settings to hide a non-finished blog post (i.e. a draft) until it is done, since that will also affect all other previous posts on your blog. Instead, simply use "Save draft" button instead of the "Post Now" button when saving it. When you later are later editing the post, and feel that it is ready for the public, simply use the "Publish Status" dropdown in the "Miscellaneous Options" section of the "Additional Options" box that always appears below the main post text field when you are editing/creating a post, and select the "Publish Now" option (instead of the "Draft blog entry" option that will be selected once you have saved a post as a draft) to publish on the blog for everyone to see.

If you want to subscribe to an RSS feed containing all blog posts in all blogs at, this is the URL of that feed:

The feed URLs for individual blogs have the following format, and can be acquired from the "View RSS Feed" link on the page of the blog in question:

Important note: In order for your blog posts to show up in your RSS feed, you must have your blog permissions set as described above!

Oh, and while we're talking about RSS feeds, I hope you already know that you can subscribe to such feeds for all posts in the messageboard too, or to the same in any number of selected forums, with the following URLs:

All posts on entire board:

All posts in selected forums:,yy,xx,...
(where the forumids parameter is a comma-separated list with any number of forum ids, which are the id-numbers for each forum that can be seen in the URL field when clicking on the forums in question in the message board index, i.e. the "f" parameter in the URL)

For some stupid reason the links above don't seem to be visible if you are viewing this post from the blog front-page (they are replaced with "[Link]"). If you want to see the real links, please go to the original blog post by clicking its title at the top of the post.

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