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  1. Reality Cracking CNN's Bias

    Those of you fond of Fravia's Reality Cracking section might find this Essay worth the download. This is version 0.9, I have an appendix that needs to be cleaned up but can't spare the time now.

    Essay: Is CNN biased?

    Skimmed down public version mirrors (these are missing an unfinished appendix):

    ABSTRACT: Knowing the bias of your news group of choice is vital to maintaining an accurate understanding of current events. Because disinformation and national propaganda movements have brazenly come to be the default form of media over the past several decades ~and~ because reason and logic have been so grotesquely under-endorsed, the need for public scrutiny of news sources has never been greater. This paper covers the topic of propaganda and media bias. It explicitly critiques CNN’s coverage of WikiLeaks’ Iraq War Logs disclosure, in the hopes that what the reader learns here can be applied to preserve against future instances of selective reporting and aggressive tabloid panhandling.

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