The incredible world of virtual machines and byte code

  1. Reverse Engineering the flash virtual machine


    i recently started a small project where i try to obfuscate a small flash sample. i'm especially interested in the virtual machine and the interpreted bytecode. after some googling i found two interesting papers from adobe itself. i was pretty suprised to see that adobe provides such a good documentation about the virtual machine and its bytecode.

    you can take a look at the pdfs here:


    SWF and FLV File Format Specification -

    For the last document you will need to step through the license process of adobe. but dont be shy they offer a free license for a year, then you must refresh your license to use the pdf.

    probably this information is wide spread but i think it will be interesting for a few people.

    most of the obfuscator out there i saw for flash are rather crapy, i think there should be better ways to protect a swf application.



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    The incredible world of virtual machines and byte code