1. Collaborative RCE Tool Library (CRCETL) site update

    During the last week I've applied a bunch of additions and smaller bug fixes to the Collaborative RCE Tool Library site.

    If you notice any problems, please let me know!

    Here is a summary of the (externally) more notable updates:

    • Added the field "Related URLs" to all tool entries. These URLs are meant to contain other URLs in addition to the main homepage for the tool, which can be useful when using the tool, e.g. an online manual, a third-party tutorial, a useful forum discussion thread, an informative blog entry etc.
    • Added a "Most Recent Updates" page (linked from the menu under the category navigation tree to the left), which lists all recently added or updated tools in the library (mostly for RSS-impaired users, since the RSS feeds are a much more efficient way of keeping up to date about all new and updated RCE tools).
    • Added a "Full Library Index" page (linked from the menu under the category navigation tree to the left), which lists links to all tools in the entire library, for easy manual searching through all tool names.
    • Made the listings of tools on category pages recursive, for easier, more intuitive and more efficient navigation.
    • Made the category tool counters in the category navigation tree recursive, for easier overview and improved correctness.
    • Added reporting of parent categories for all tool entries in the addition/update RSS feeds.
    • Added multi-select for the category selection option when adding or updating tools.
    • Created a better favicon.
    • Fixed a bug that caused invalid sorting in the category navigation tree, all categories in the tree are now strictly alphabetically sorted.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the "parent category markers" (auto expansion and red selection for all parent categories of the current category or tool) in the category navigation tree, now it should work 100%.
    • Fixed some bugs related to double HTML encoding.