1. The Future of Disassembling - Cloud OS

    Though I usually not writing blogs here at woodman,
    I decided to write one (who knows, maybe more), especially on what is going on today in the disassembly world.

    We all know the usual tools new/old reversers/engineers/developers use today, they are mainly IDA & OllyDbg. There are however more tools of course (Such as mine, beedisasm, windbg, softice (?) and many more...) that aids in the job for code understanding, analyzing and sometimes breaking.

    However, the latest efforts by major companies today leaves me (and maybe us) in a very puzzled state about the future of our tools. Google for example is pushing more and more their cloud operating system (Chrome OS) and the their underlying infrastructure: Android, into the wild.

    This brings me to think, will operating systems today be forced to move to cloud computing?! Will Windows (I very much doubt about *nix/linux), mac and others will give-in to consumer demand and will be forced to move in to the virtual world - where everything is Internet based? Tools such as Google Docs, Microsoft Docs..etc

    Sure, the internet is a nice idea to stream data, "secure" data, store data, retrieve data, but.. where does it leaves the RCE community ? The day that 90% of the "slaves" out there will use cloud OS is very near, and the death of PC as we knew might be near as well.

    Comparing latest years since we started tinkering with RCE (late +- 1997 (HCU Days) - present day) where PC pretty much dominated (against mac - though doesn't really matter) and the very few years (3-5) it took big companies to push Cloud OS into a full working model, I pretty much think RCE is going to have to adjust & mutate their tools!

    If mutation is needed, than I am pleased to tell that PVDasm is also going to battle this change !. PVDasm's engine has now been ported to native code (x86/x64) and can be loaded straight from a web-browser (Chrome build), where the user will be able to disassemble files/data from far away @ some cafe/airplane/mobile device. Just access to the web (where servers will hold the native package) and you're done.

    Watch a demo here:

    This is an early build, that shows dynamic disassembling of data straight from the browser, where execution is done using native plugins loaded at run-time by chrome.

    My guess is that regular OS of course will stay, however, Cloud OS will take over!

    - HTML5
    - JS engines (ie: V8)
    - Video/Audio (WebM / OGG/AAC)
    - Vector / Flash / Surface

    Those are all just a small drop in the ocean of what's coming next (or already came) and we can't deny that the future is here. So, Mutate you tools and adjust, because you never know what the future holds (or do we?)

    - Ben

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