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  1. Dynamic Binary Code and Data Flow Analysis Instrumentation.

    by , July 30th, 2010 at 15:23 (BanMe.From.Native_Development)
    So I've been integrating Boomerang into Sin32 and I am releasing all future code under BSD and GPL licenses references therein.

    In doing this I dont want to use the GC stuff or the wierd LOG class provided to do the logging of all this important information that is gleaned out of this project, so a reimplementation of that is needed( all 367 or so calls that I commented out) as well as the reimplementation of the GUI..removing QT was fun.. But reworking the controller GUI to also view output of primary goal. But as seen with my post in rekindled hope(maybe) I'm trying to probe for remote console allocation for output as well as input commands.

    For the Most Part I am done with getting it to compile correctly, now I have to make the code not examine 'Binary Files' and examine 'mapped Binary portions' which isnt anything 'really different' from what it does anyways, my method is just runtime based ...

    But I know the 'some' benefits from the inclusion of the marvelous little tool, but there is so much to be done..But I will give you the source and the first 'complete compiling project'.. This update is only running what has been released in the past for the 'LPC Server portion of this maybe with minor updates' expect a BIG update on that regard soon.

    heres a download link for sources

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