1. SoftICE Installation.

    Recently ive spent a lot of time installing SoftICE on various machines and i want to post
    all the various problems i came accross and ones i have solved.

    DriverSuite v3.2


    first of all before installing softice you should install the default driver version
    of your graphic card, this means the original driver that came with the machine or
    the earliest version you can find, both ATI and NVIDIA offer a back catalogue of their
    previous driver versions.

    Keep the INIT string to a basic x; before you have softice working
    Disable mouse support, no real reverser needs a mouse in softice ;-)
    Make sure you install DirectX
    Use the Detect and Test buttons in the video section of setup.


    1) ".. A device attached to the system is not functioning .. "

    I have solved this problem many times by ..

    1.) Installing a different graphic driver.
    2.) Disabling SPTD.SYS from the registry
    HKEY_LOC_MACHINE/system/services/currentcontrolset/SPTD/Start change to 4

    2) Upon starting softice the window flashes by then a system freeze occurs.

    I have solved this problem only a "few" times by ..

    1.) In winice.dat place the string NTSYMBOLS=ON, use the symbol loader to grab symbols for
    kernel32.dll user32.dll ntoskrnl.exe hal.dll gdi.ll convert and load these.

    If this doesnt work then

    2.) replace the osinfo.dat and osinfob.dat in system32\drivers with new ones from the
    compuware ftp, you can google for links.

    If this doesnt work, try undo option 1

    The above works for me frequently, however on non freshly installed systems conflicts can
    occur with other software. If you really want softice to work then you are going to have
    to spend time disabling software, AntiVirus/Spyware is a good start, and not just disabling
    them but uninstalling any software which may install a kernel mode driver with system hooks
    to identify the problem, However i recommend a freshly installed machine dedicated for
    kernel mode debugging.

    Once up and running you can use my pretty INIT line

    INIT="lines 60;ws 5;wc 25;wd 6;set font 2;color 03 4e 4e 1b 1b;x;"


    after installing XPSP2 you must install vmware tools, then save and shutdown the machine,
    next you must edit the .vmx file and place in the following lines

    vmmouse.present = FALSE
    svga.forceTraces = "TRUE"

    I invite people to add comments to help build an informative thread on softice problems,
    please try and structure your reply in a clear way, such as,
    Problem: x Solution: x

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    In the upcoming week i shall be releasing some
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