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March 17th, 2007, 16:49

today i noticed, in a machine i bookmark this site a couple of days ago, that the bookmark was pointing to http://woodmann.cjb.net/forum/indes.php (instead of index.php)

the weird part is that i was acessing the board without problems through it till today, when i got a 404 error

is that normal?


March 17th, 2007, 20:05
I'm only guessing here, but I believe until a day or so ago, http://woodmann.cjb.net was linked to the IP for the forums, which included the /forums/index.php. Then, for a short while, /www.woodmann.com was itself forwarding through woodmann.cjb.net to the forums, sort of a two step process, and then that was fixed.

Since the link was supposed to have been http://woodmann.cjb.net, without any additional designation, the switching around of the "referrer" on woodmann.cjb.net is probably the cause.