View Full Version : JOB: Senior Mobile Phone Programmer

July 26th, 2006, 11:58
iCardForensics is looking for a skilled programmer with experience working with mobile phones to create a series of extractors for mobile phone memory maps. The job will include searching for existing solutions, as well as their creation.

#1) A well qualified applicant will be able to interface with existing mobile phone extractors and create new ones that can read the following from new mobile phones:

• Call Logs
• SMS Messages stored in phone memory, and if possible, MMS Messages
• Network Data on CDMA phones
• Pictures and other data stored on the phone
• A raw dump of phone memory which will be read at a later date by the same extractors.
• Personal information stored on phone
• Emails stored on phone.
• A list of java applications stored on the phone.

#2) Provide documentation for the API for the DLLs with enough information for a GUI programmer to interface with.

#1) Significant experience with the memory mapping and internal file structure of mobile phones.
#2) Familiarity with both North American and European mobile phones.

Compensation will be commensurate with experience. This opportunity will likely become a steady revenue stream, as new extractors and templates will be needed as new phones are released to market.

To increase the applicant pool internationally, telecommuters are welcome and encouraged. Office space can also be provided in the Norwalk, CT area if needed.

Phone: 1-203-563-9900
Email: jobs@icardforensics.com