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January 9th, 2006, 04:06
1st one is a the modified bookmark example from ollydbg pdk.
you can use this plugin to set up to 256 bookmarks. This version of the plugin saves the original asm code when the bookmark is set, when the code at that position changes it will show in the bookmark window, making selfmodifying code management easier.

for more info see the documentation in the archive

the 2nd plugin helps with numeric conversion, that it will convert hex number to decimal and binary formats, so you wont have to use calculator everytime to convert, you just right-click what you want to see, and in the menu go to "extra" and you will get the values converted

These are my first plugins sorry if there are any bugs and missing functionality and for the lame documentation (writen in word 2003 - get a wordviewer 2003 from www.microsoft.com), ("http://www.microsoft.com),") i wrote them in 2 nights, but if you'll notice any bugs or have any suggestions/questions please report them to me pls, at bobby@liber.ro and i'll be glad to fix them.

here is the link for both of them

have fun, and i hope you'll find them usefull

January 10th, 2006, 05:55
extra plugin is quite handy. nice work.
REQ: can you remove cw3230mt.dll dependency ?

ps. glad to see some .ro around