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May 5th, 2006, 12:12
hi all,


every here and then I am thinking about posting this link. I am a little collector of all kinds of text material, especially abt RE, coding, virii etc.

i want to show you this coding digest of the demo scene - which is allready a little bit old, but one of the best i have seen.

especially for newbies i think this must be awesome

what i like abt it is that it is done in the way of the old diskmags, where i suppose many of us learned coding with.
the articles are written by "cool people" and are very nice to read. you must probably read to understand what i mean - they are not confusing you with nonunderstandable terms etc, its more like your own brother / best friend explains it to you or similar.

for those who don't know diskmags - be surprised
all articles are searchable, it includes an own "browser" with nice and intuitive interface, background music, etc ..

the cool thing is this includes a broad range of topics (4.4 MB of text) like
- mathematics and theoretical computer science
- general programming techniques
- searching and sorting
- oo programming
- file formats
- text processing
- 2D gfx programming
- 3D gfx programming
- windows gfx programming
- openGL
- sound programming
- synchronisation & scripting for demos
- hardware centered programming
- code optimization, FPU
- data compression
- 64k, 4k and smaller intro coding
- general windows coding
- linux demo coding (of course i have to bold that)
- game boy coding tuts
- ActiveX
- Assembler
- C++
- Flash
- Java
- JAvaScript
- PHP, python, ruby, ..
- ...
- ...
- ...

not all articles go the same level indepth - but after all I think this is a great library for everybody

thanks to adok, hugi btw!

regards, 0xf001

May 5th, 2006, 14:37
Oh crap, more stuff to download ... Thanks for the link, looks very interesting. Firefox is already reaping bytes from the net.


May 14th, 2006, 07:38
you're welcome,

regarding the downloads - such "things" are invaluable imho, i am happy for those who realize hehe!

knowledge is power!

cheers, 0xf001