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February 1st, 2006, 13:12
The site is now showing in a ~760 pixel wide table. Now I have to scroll down on every page because the table is wasting screen real-estate.

Can someone change it back to be full-browser-width?


- disavowed

February 1st, 2006, 14:34
Yeah that is pretty ugly eh? Simple solution? Change your style settings to the 'Liquid' style. See the combo box at the bottom left corner of the page, or set it in your UserCP. For example, if you use style vBulletin White, choose vBulletin 3 White Liquid instead.

Blame JMI for this but it was done for a reason though. Something to do with setting a fixed width for 600x800 res. or something, or maybe just to twiddle with the new VBulletin version options. As usual he did a sh*tload of work upgrading the board recently, (so we let him play with the new buttons and stuff to keep him happy )


February 1st, 2006, 15:39
Actually, the "Fixed" width view, in each of the three Styles, White, Classic, and Grey is the "Standard" condition of vBulletin Styles. Each of the Styles offers both a "Fixed" and a "Liquid" version for the user to choose from. The "Liquid" Style is designed to expand to 100% of the screen width, but even that can become a problem with some of the wider screens now available.

Somehow, over the last couple of version updates, we changed the "Fixed" Style to be identical to the "Liquid" Style, making them redundant. The Fixed Styles are supposed to have a width of 760 pixels, rather than 100%, as ours somehow got set.

There are three alternative ways your own Style choice may be set. The first is the selection of the Forum "Default," which for our Forum is "Classic Liquid". The user can override this Forum Default in their UserCP. There is a dropdown selection box which allows the User to choose "The Forum Default" or any other available Style, in either "Fixed" or "Liquid". There also is, as Kayaker noted, a dropdown Quick Style Chooser in the bottom left hand corner of the Forums where all 6 Styles are available for selection. Selection from the Quick Style Chooser over-rides the Forum Default and the UserCP choice of Style, but there is an exception, discribed below.


The only way you would have seen a "Fixed" Style view is either you had selected one of the "Fixed" styles either as your choice in the UserCP or with the Quick Style Chooser at the bottom left corner of the Forums. The Forums "Default Style" is set at "Classic Liquid," so if your UserCP Style setting was set to "Use Default Style" you would have seen the Classic Liquid Style after the new upgrade.

Remember to check your UserCP Selection, because it might affect what you first see if you log out and log back in because your selection is saved in your Cookie from the Board and if you have chosen something other than the setting in your UserCP, I believe your UserCP selection will "default" after you dump your "alternative" selection along with your cookie.

So the short answer is that the White, Classic, and the Grey Style are supposed to have "Fxed" width Styles 760 pixels wide and the "Liquid" Styles of each are "full" width. The good news is the YOU get to choose which of the 6 Styles you want to see and use.


February 2nd, 2006, 12:09
Thanks. Next time I'll RTFM