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November 27th, 2005, 03:16

I would find seed1&2 for [edited by moderator: somename] vendor daemon.
I usetThis software on unix system. I would like know, how I can use IDA ,Softice and flexlm signatures with Cygwin on Windows system.

Thank You

November 27th, 2005, 17:22

you are hard on the edge that your posts get deleted without answer, sorry

please _read_ the faq and you know why. to your question about ida etc.

cygwin is in no way different than any other PE executable. tough it provides an unix like environment. all files are PE / .exe files. .a files are dlls. where's your problem?

i don't want to give more hints until you showed your own efforts, that are the rules. they are made on purpose, not because we don't want to help.
we can not help everyone from the very beginning until his problem is solved,
you might understand, you shall show you deseve the knowledge in some way

don't take it personally or bad, ok?

thanks, 0xf001