View Full Version : Perhaps be useful:Linux Kernel Debugger (Linice) v2.5 Released

March 3rd, 2005, 08:44
Hi all
I see perhaps this will be usefull then I post it.
Linux Kernel Debugger (Linice) v2.5 Released:


sincerely yours

March 4th, 2005, 05:56

yes linice is probably the debugger of choice!
i have tried from linice v 2.1 to 2.4 to get it running under 2.6 kernel with mixed success. I never have problems with exported symbols but just when i load the module everything freeeeezes

regards, 0xf001

August 5th, 2005, 02:08
hi all,

just an update: linice 2.6 is available for download!

it includes a small fix for segmentation faults caused by getlogin() returning NULL -
so now should load on the several mandrakes, debians and knoppixes

still it does not support x.org but i have seen some people are working on it (am i the only one with x.org here ??????? )

cheers, 0xf001

August 5th, 2005, 18:21
Hrm, I haven't got it working properly.

I could get it to load using a program with an embedded int3, but it would appear to fail taking over scheduling / pausing the os etc (see http://www.felinemenace.org/~andrewg/linice.png), and wouldn't respond to keystrokes, etc.

I haven't really dived into trying to work out why it isn't working because I haven't had a great need for it yet, and where I could've used it was solved by doing a little thinking first about the problem.

August 8th, 2005, 01:01
where have unixwasm , like linice ?

August 8th, 2005, 01:11
I'm not sure what you mean, but here's lida for you: hxxp://lida.sf.net

August 8th, 2005, 03:38

please may I ask you to be a bit more specific in your posts? It has absolutely no value what you were writing.

Anyway if you look for disassemblers you may want to try also ldasm, the closest clone to w32dasm. or like andrewg wrote lida or bastard or ...

you do not show any attemt to have looked for the info, check hxxp://home.pages.at/f001/
where you will find an overview of tools etc ...

cheers, 0xf001