View Full Version : IShield Single Exe password recovery?

April 17th, 2003, 17:36

I have a single file installer archive password protected, is there a recovery for the password? There's no archive extraction till correct password entered, it's just a one line edit box dialog -- not the standard package for the web type -- I know there's a pass recovery for that. So is there a way/proggie to do this. This may be an installshield express package -- if that helps!

Thanks in advance


April 17th, 2003, 18:08
Use softice to put a breakpoint on the edit window when it receives a WM_GETTEXT message. Then hit f12 until you get out of USER and KERNEL code and back into your application. Chances are you'll see a TEST EAX, EAX somewhere followed by JZ to the error box. Either force eax to 1 or change the jump to JNZ.

This assumes, of course, that it's only a password comparison and there's no real encryption. If it uses the password to decrypt the file, then you have to reverse engineer the algorithm that's being used.