View Full Version : Alittle bit of Encryption/Decryption fun...

January 28th, 2002, 05:44
Hi all...

i have put this thread just to wake up this little corner of the forum, cryptology has been always fun when u know it and play with it, so i wanna play with you guys today with this easy Decryption game, hope u will all succeed:

some info on the game:
1. Key lenght is the same length as the original/encrypted msg.

2. algo is not hard, [involve with position i/j subtitution which will be xored together with the key],
to simplify the small algo it goes like this: loop until j->position i to encrypt = i + (j-i) xor position of the (j-i) of the key.
so i guess u need to write a backward algo have fun

3. write a working decryptor/encryptor

if u need more info, dont hasitate to msg me.
* see attached key/encrypted msg

see ya later guys