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December 4th, 2001, 08:13

Is it me or do people simply not read what people write. How about answering what someone asks. Or offer ideas to lead down the path they asked.

Answers like don't bother its too hard for a newbie and Why Bother are not constructive or useful.
Answers like find OEP and unpack are a waste of bandwith. I know i have to find the OEP Its rule one of unpacking.

I have been asking question lately on crypkey. Yes i am a newbie to the task of crypkey. It pisses me off that this has stumped me badly but i want to understand the method of operation and the way the protection is implemented. In this way when they release a new version i.e. 5.2 5.5 and now 5.7 i am able to adapt easily since the protection is never revamped significantly to hinder the bypassing of the protection.

Back in the days of fravia. I worked with the guys working on the FlexLM system. I couldn't care less about changing JNZ to JMP etc. We all started to pool our information and to decryt it. Then tools were created to generate the keys etc for the program. Well crypkey is the same sort of program but no one seem to be interested with this?? This is causing it to be used more and more which means we will have problems later on.

Anyway take the above with a grain of salt (or some jim beam)


December 4th, 2001, 10:31
Most persons here are newcomers (like it or not) including myself.

It gets quite boring to reply questions about commercial software when even the basics are not clear to a majority over here!!

Cause, cracking commercial crypto/compression software requires QUITE an effort (contrary to what THE tutorials would have you believe )

Elder ones are just too busy or are not interested in YOUR specific area of interest as cracking commercial apps takes time.

You SHOULD try the cryptographics forum more often.

Email me if you want to start this exercise on a one-to-one basis. Maybe we can do it together.

...Have PHun

December 4th, 2001, 11:10
CrypKey is a completely reversible protection scheme. You can easily create your own key generator which will work with any Master/User code combinations. Since you have the SDK these are the general steps to follow: 1. create a protected program with the SDK (notepad.exe works well for this purpose).
2. Take the Site Key that the protected NotePad gives you (write it down since it will change each time you ask for it), and put it into the CrypKey license generator, (SKW.exe). You will get a Site Code that unlocks the protected program. All of this you have already done judging by your post.
3. Use SI to trace through SKW.exe as it converts the Site Key into the Site Code.
4. Disassemble SKW.exe and print out the sections of code that do this conversion (a stack of paper about 1/4" thick);
5. Now back in SI trace step by step through the conversion process annotating your printout. You will find that the Site Code is based on the SiteKey and a password which is contained in the User Code.
6. The whole process of generating the Site Code is completely reversible. In other words you can take a "trial Site Code" and reverse it to find the all of the parameters that the software author set (e.g. trial length, options enabled, etc). With that information you can generate your own licenses.
7. You will have to build your own license generator to do step 6. The whole process should take 1-2 weeks of evenings. It is a very good learning exercise in writing a key generator as it uses a very simple scheme.
8. Good luck.