View Full Version : Sentinel SuperPro dongle protection

November 19th, 2001, 14:24

I have a program that is protected with the Sentinel SuperPro dongle connected to the printer port. Does anyone know about a way to bypass the need of dongle?

Thanx in advance
John Holmes

November 19th, 2001, 19:56
Yes it's possible to get around the dongle, however you need to do some work. I recommend you read frog's print great essay on dongle reversing. Most if not all of the protections are so lame almost any newbie can get around them, that includes me!! So rev up your favorite search engine and find the essay. After that you will need a hex editor, and a decompiler either w32dasm or IDA (hint w32dasm is easier to use but is limited). Ok I forgot one last thing, a brain (or least half a brain). See the links that are posted at the bottom of the home page of RCE.
Good Luck

November 28th, 2001, 19:09
Mate sorry ( MTB )
but you forget one person could help in this the DONGLE GOD
if you dont know who is i say you is CrackZ

jholmes read the tutorial about virtual gibbs this tutorial is usefull and has the emulator about sentinel appz
is from crackz

November 28th, 2001, 20:21
HypnoticZ/TNT sorry to inform you but crackz's site is history, like Osama. So jholmes needs to be able to find tutorials easily.

Jholmes if you can find crackz's stuff, download, burn multiple backups and savor it.