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November 14th, 2001, 05:46
heya guys
i am in thins contest which i can get 300 points.
this will rank me up in the mabye 1 position and will win Thundercats toys :-))
so polease give it a shot like me :-)

here is the Encrypted Message i need to DEecrypt:


Authors note:

The KGB, roughly the Soviet Unionís equivalent to the CIA, often used one-time encryption pads. These pads had symbols and characters that changed from message to message. They were thought to be unbreakable, unless you had the key that was on the other pad. This puzzle is similar to that, because I randomly selected the alphabet, or did I? If you can decode it, you may have a job waiting for you at the CIA.

Here are a few things to remember. In the English language, the most common used letter is "E". On a key bored the most common button pushed is the "space key". Using these two things, and some luck you should have a message that will read as if it were a perfectly typed instant message. If you can successfully find which Key I used as "E", I would suggest assigning the key right next to it as "F" and so on. BTW the vary first word of the message is a ThunderCat word. That is a word appearing only in ThunderCat related areas. Also look for patterns. Like any conversation, this one has many small words. The repetition of the same letter sequences over and over again usually mean s it is a word. Each symbol then respects another letter. There is a strict 1 to 1 bases, meaning that no where in the puzzle does it take more then one symbol to from a letter.

Good luck

any post will get me up thinking thanx u..

btw, io may think that _ is " " spaceBar ascii, i may get wrong though.

cya guy.
thanx Bengi

November 14th, 2001, 09:07

If u use Winhex it has a function to analyze a file's contents. That way u can see what characters are the most commonly used. Go with E as being one of the top three or four. Then apply the hints given. Using some sort of hex replace function should ease your work considerably. Good luck.


November 14th, 2001, 09:23
thanx for the winHex tip...
from the analyze graph it told me, it seems that E is 'E' but the second most used is Spacebar than so winHex tells me the second most used is '!' so i guess we have a start here..
i will try to analyze more..
hope to seemore help ,

November 14th, 2001, 11:16
He Bengi,
Solved it for you

Here's the encryption table:

E space
! e
_ o
% i
) n
< a
: t
] r
\ s
* l
$ h
~ d
N c
# g
? y
@ f
" u
A .
M b
I ,
Y '
S -
+ p
O ?
. w
, v
( m
& k
/ x

the small a and s character in the encrypted message are not changed.

Also, I played around a bit with spacing to see the words more clearly, so there might be some double space left somewhere.

Here's the message:
feliner come in, this is panthro at cat's lair please come in. cat's lair this is feliner, we are reading you loud and clear. ho lynx-o, how is everyone? everyone is fine we should be landing in about four days from now. excellent, lion-o will be glad to hear that. is everything all right? yes every thing is fine lynx-o our enemies have not made a single move that we know of since we arrived.in fact i believe it is bothering cheetara and tygra. that is to be under stood, we will contact you at this time tomorrow. roger and out feliner, this is cat's lair sighing off.

Good luck,
cya, mh2k

November 14th, 2001, 13:01
man, u l33t
thank you for helping me, i very appriciate it..
now i can *mabye* be in the 1 position ))
and again thanx u rox.