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November 9th, 2001, 18:57
Howdy peoples,

I was out drifting aroung the internet and came across something that might be of interest.


They offer a challenge to break their encryption.
The money is not that much but it's a challenge just the same.
( I dont quite understand the date of juli 2011)

You opinions please.

Peace, Woodmann

November 9th, 2001, 21:34
jus was at the site, kinda funny, now its please....

November 10th, 2001, 09:10
Hello everybody !

The homepage is a Windows Killer! When I load it, my computer freezes for about one secound and works fine after that. If I keep the page open in the background, two minutes later my computer shows a black DOS-screen with grey letters saying "Windows protection error, Please press any key..." and my computer is locked.

This is no imagination, it happened 10 times this morning! And only when having visited this site!

Please, can somebody tell me if you have the same problems?

(Be sure to save and close any important files and programs )

November 10th, 2001, 11:14
DakienDX I was on that site using Win98 and IE5 and it worked just fine I don't know why you were freezing.

Woodman I think they put the date of July 2011 because they assume thier encryption is unbreakable so they pretty much give you all the time you want to try and break it. Personally I think that company will go under within a year or two None the less their cryptor is interesting and should be investigated.

I'm not all that advanced with encryption algos and such so I doubt I'll be able to break it myself but if some other people want to give it a shot we can work on it together eventhough it might be a waste of time since no one is using it anyways.


November 10th, 2001, 12:27

DakienDX, Win 2K IE5 and Opera, no problems. It might be some java crap they are running.

UrgeOverKill, Please ?

Well encryption is new to me, I never really looked at it much. Perhaps I will see what I can learn.

Peace, Woodmann

November 10th, 2001, 13:02
To get the algorithms used in this app, just goto online decoder and view source, its all there in javascript. To me it looks like its proprietary (if im right, im sure it can be cracked by cryptoanalysis, if its made by an amateur)

If anyone have heard of the algorithms used in this, plz post about it, he might have found the algos in a book or so

November 10th, 2001, 13:43
Download their trial program. It has a VB6 exe that will give use the encryption rountines. Decryption routines can be found in 3 versions (Spanish, German, and English) which are javascript text files named as dll's.

Let the mayhem begin!


November 10th, 2001, 13:51
What an insteresting way of decoding and encoding.
I don't quite understand it. They say the text
is encrypted using stuff from my PC, probably
information gathered by the browser, plus using
the clock as well (maybe..).
I don't get it. What's all this online decoder ?


November 10th, 2001, 19:14
There's no way of knowing whether you got the right key, because there's no information about the contents of the file. If he said "It's all english text," then one could figure it out. As the challenge stands, it's impossible in principle.

November 11th, 2001, 02:19
Nearly 95% of these challenges that you find online are unbreakable unless you have the time and computer power to brute force them, they do not prove anything about the algorithm itself.

Since the algorithm is in Javascript it's easier to investigate how it works so it might be worth the time. The encrypted bytes are only A-Z (probably not including all the letters) and the encrypted text is much larger then the original message so there is a great deal of padding but I think the number of bytes to pad is constant and might be that number 0400 (the number I see you might see some other number) at the beginning of an encrypted message.

I don't know these are just quick observations I came up with.


November 11th, 2001, 13:55

It's always fun with new challenges and I've been looking
at the website, however I have to agree with mike:
I think this challenge is a no go....