View Full Version : Opnet Modeler 7.0 Licensing system

November 5th, 2001, 09:51
Dear Woody and All,

I have a really interesting problem on my hands. This is regarding Opnet modeler 7.0 which is a network simulation software. I installed a copy of this software but it is asking for a license. Since I dont have a license it prompts me for a add license wizard. This wizard has 4 options. Offline, Email, Express and some other option. I tried cracking at the offline option. Tried using the W32 dasm. It crashes and gives a Dr Watson error on NT. Then I tried Softice which works fine but I am unable to sort the logic behind the code. It jumps to some opvoss_Thread_data_key function everytime there is a call to a dll export. From there it is getting some GetTLSValue call to kernel32.dll. Being a amateur at cracking I need the assistance of you guys.

Something about myself I am 29 from India working as a network designer for AT&T Solutions. Anyone please feel free to contact me in case of any specific issues that I can address. I am attaching the files modeler.txt which is decompiled for of the exe file modeler.exe. For guys who like challenges, the entire package can be downloaded from : -ftp.lri.fr/LRI/soft/asspro/alagha/Opnet.zip

Anyone need a Netviz4.0 cracked dll nvlic32.dll please contact me. That is my first crack and proud to do that although it was easy. My e-mail is maneesh_sharma@yahoo.com

Bye and take care

Waiting for some desperately needed help