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October 2nd, 2001, 09:30
Hi Folk !
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After some reverse eng-ing , found an easy workaround : the <> key works correctly when the CAPS LOCK is OFF . For whom it may
be of use to ...

Nonetheless , if somebody could tell me why the anonymous FTP at S*ftICE.com refuses connections , please help ! Password required ?

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I've been using SoftICE 4.05 . Small problem is this : with non US (regular 102-key extended AT) keyboard , it mostly works, but annoyingly the extra key between the left-shift and the 3rd row letters (key#45, 'PC' scan code = 56h ) does NOT work with SICE's internal keyboard driver ; on my national KB , this key has the chars < > , which I aint able to pass to WinICE thus :- (

Browsing the Numega www site I found a reference to a fix for non US keyboards , but the link ( at their FTP site ) is not working ( maybe it's on purpose ... )

As I have , uh, lost my serial # , so I cannot just ask Numega for that file...

Anybody a hint ? Probably I could hack the SoftICE kb driver by myself , that would be much time lost I'l afraid ...

Alternatively I suppose I might define a winice 'macro' for the > ,
but that is not too elegant is it
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