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September 20th, 2001, 03:31
hi Tshep

i 'v been trying to unpack a prog that uses the method of ASPR but it's not ASPR ...

i don't whant a serial or to crack this prog just to lern how to unpack it ....

url : http://www.softpile.com/Utilities/P...8401_index.html

i have dumped the file ...

i'v found the EOP = 40c35a
and the start IAT = 12000
but the size had a problem ...
at ImpREC it tald me the size is = 2F8
at Revigin it tald me the size is = 370

but i used imprec to fix the AIT and i fixed it just like it should be
with size of 2F8..

the fixing R:

6bc968: is : lock resource
6bc950: is : get current process
6bc974: is : free resource
6bc928: is : get current process id
6bc960: is : get command line A
6bc990: is fixed to an user32 dll instad a keranel32.dll to :
dialog box inddirect param A

the fix is done and the prog DO RUN!! but!!! if i try to push the about or the register it crashes what can i do ??? i can't find anything to do about it !!! plz help !!!