View Full Version : Asprotect + time trial

August 27th, 2001, 05:45
Hi to all,
i can see that lately the asprotect + time trial protection is very used

I usually prefer to crack asprotected prog with mem patching coz its quite simple and fast

When the prog is expired a nag is shown and so
i break on the function that shows the nag and with stack command i backtrace the code till the condition that checks 4 expiration of the prog

Its usually 1 or 2 mem flags involved in this check
and so its quite easy to find them

Lately i tried to use this method with quickwiper and express newspictures but i wasnt able to find anything interesting

It seems they use ring swithing b4 showinf the nag so the stack command is unuseful to backtrace to the condition

What to do with it ?

Tnx in advance

See ya