View Full Version : FlexLM 7.1 Target solution

August 19th, 2001, 03:13

im working on the creation of a license file for autodesk autocad 2002 (i know that i could use the -RISC or -ODT files, but i only wanne know the creation process of v7.x files) what is protected with FlexLM 7.1f, but i need some help on it . I used IDA (4.04) with the sig files for flexlm and i think i found some promising calls, but if i try to take a closer look on that ..i dont found the job structure/ vendor codes or something else usefulness [as i said ,that is my first flexlm 7.x target , before i only had contact with 5.x and 6.x versions ...] .
So, can anyone give my some tips/hints on FlexLM 7.1 cracking targets ? (a link to the 7.1 SDK would be nice, or a link to some essays or something like that)

/ manuva