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August 13th, 2001, 06:31
Chess Tiger engine for the Fritz / ChessBase GUI :
160 Kb (copy link to browser)
Note: .exe is .eng in the Fritz / ChessBase GUI

Bugs: no copy protection but renaming Tiger.eng and
Tiger.dll to e.g. Beast.eng and Beast.dll seems to be impossible: the engine cannot be loaded by the GUI .
HexWorkshop: No apparent mutual links , at least not
in ASCII or Unicode .
There may be a name-protection in Dword .
There may be API calls to Chess32.dll that is part of the GUI but SoftIce may catch more API calls.

Todo : Renaming Tiger.eng and Tiger.dll to e.g. Beast.eng and Beast.dll to make engine matches possible between Tiger and "Beast"(Tiger) in the Fritz / ChessBase Gui. (Running an engine against itself is the best method to discover its weaknesses.)

A fast download of the Fritz / ChessBase GUI is available from the official ChessBase site:
Base pack : Fritz6 Demo
Service pack(s) :

Note: the service pack(s) must be installed on top of Fritz6 Demo in the same folder.

Let me know if someone succeeds to rename Tiger :

August 13th, 2001, 13:31
perhaps the dll is loaded via LoadLibrary which requires a dll name and when you rename it the application can't find that dll anymore. Check out the CreateFileA, LoadLibrary, and GetModuleHandle APIs with SI and see how the application is loading these 2 files you are trying to rename....