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August 11th, 2001, 02:46
hello guys,

i found a dongle per accident. i dont know what program it was for but with gogle i found that it is a "Hardlock FAST E-Y-E". can i use their software to secure a program which i write with the dongle i have.


August 11th, 2001, 06:42
Short and simple answer : YES

However you'll need to do 2 things :

i). Identify the integer MOD_AD of the Hardlock you have 'found', easy if you just compile one of their sample programs that implements HL_LOGIN() and check the return value whilst incrementing the MOD_AD, 7 is no dongle, 0 is dongle found, just trap the MOD_AD.

ii). Identify the flavour of E-Y-E you have, look at the casing colour, there are a fair few of them, some have memory, others like the Black E-Y-E don't, the program testapi.exe which you can get from Hardlock, used with the right MOD_AD will give you an indication of the dongles facilities.



August 11th, 2001, 12:01
thx, i will try it

August 14th, 2001, 10:45
hi again

here is the next problem: it takes ~4 secounds to test one MOD_AD
4*2^16 secounds ~ 3 days !

isnt there another possibility?

August 17th, 2001, 13:07
I found the MOD_AD=061Ehex, but hlcrypt dont run and tell me about a "Test Dongle" and a "Red Dongle". what are they for and has someone cracked them or unpacked them or know a way to work without them.

Please help me, Bye.

August 25th, 2001, 23:54

the "test dongle" is the one you want to program, black (silver scews=with memory, gold screw=without memory, called RAM - runtime programable. the ROM area is only porgramable with special hardware). the "red dongle" secures the HLCrypt program itself. in total you have three E-Y-E chips in chain ... one on the programming card holding your personal algorythm (used for HL_CODE), the second for HLCrypt, the third is the target.


August 26th, 2001, 11:02
well thanks,
but is it possible to run hlcrypt without a red dongle or a test dongle? i want to secure some of my own programs with hlcrypt from becomming stolen on lan partys, because i dont know so much programming to secure my programs with the api and i dont have the sources of all programs.

has anyone cracked hlcrypt or can do it? are there any cracked versions on the internet?