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July 18th, 2001, 12:59
about 8 months ago i purchased a pc game rental from blockbusters. it seems a company (then) called aegisoft corp had gotten several games companys to buy into this. the company is now defunct (it was bought out by real media for thier DRM package). i am at a loss on this one, someone better then me needs to take a look at it. (i'm willing to send the game). i think this would be an excelent prog to right a tut on, as
a). the company is no longer putting out the product (no moral issue here)
b). some screwed up form of this protection could now be in use in realmedia stuff.

August 19th, 2003, 22:00
Digital Rights Management is the key to the new online service called Movielink.com ... it seems that they update your mediaplayer (be it real or winders), and give you 30 days to watch the media the first time, then 24 hour of free reign over the file. looks like it's going to be about $5(us) a movie.

I wonder if they will get off the ground though, considering that I can rent a movie at blockbuster cheaper, and rip it in 15 minutes.

I'm still going to look at the code though