View Full Version : lost on unpacking, need hints

July 11th, 2001, 04:20
any url hint is appreciated !

July 11th, 2001, 13:33

i've been trying to unpack a program that is protected by an unknown packer, not that i can't find what packed it, the company developed a packer specially for their programs, I break on loadlibrary and trace the code but it arrives at a part with a lot of self modifying code, anyone can give some hints coz i get lost on this part...i need to know if loadlibrary is a good bpx why not getprocaddress ?

any hint is appreciated !


Silly_prefix_Kilby ;)
July 11th, 2001, 16:30
Their own packer, hmmmm

ir a hackerd existing one, either way, lets rid the world of this evil creature


BTW I couldn't be arsed to login