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July 11th, 2001, 04:08
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July 11th, 2001, 10:34
There is really no need to have an O-Scope on your lpt port. All you have to do is read the sspro manual and you can very easily figure out that is going on. There are 3 ways I go about finding where the program calls the dongle, first, which lately hasn't worked very often, is to set a BPIO -h 378 which will break with every access to your lpt port. Another way is to set a BPX DeviceIoControl which is how you would communicate with a VXD and sspro uses a VXD to access the dongle. Lastly I use BPX CreateFileA and look what file is being opened until you see that it's opening SENTINEL.VXD then you F12 back a few times and you will be where the application loads the VXD for later use and following that you will see sproFindFirstUnit, sproRead, etc.

I really suggest you read the papers on CrackZ site they are very helpfull and also get the API manual for the sspro dongle from his site.

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July 11th, 2001, 10:36
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July 18th, 2001, 14:12
Why you do not try to trace all calls to dongle via emualor? It's so easy.

July 19th, 2001, 09:20
MeteO, you said trying to trace via emulator, explain what you mean by emulator ??