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July 6th, 2001, 11:02
I try tu crack Alloy, Or find the crack.
Could you help me please, You can find it at :

My mail is : yazid@t2u.com

I find this :

The program can be registered with a file called
alloy32.key wich contains the keyid and the name crypted.

To test the registration without creating a keyfile
we can only put a name and a keyid in
the alloy32.ini in the same directory of alloy.

It use the alloyck.dll to decode the keyid wich is
in the alloy32.ini.

Like this :

%1 = @algorithm(DECODE,BLOWFISH,%%blowfish,keyid)

%2 = @algorithm(DECODE,SAFER-SK128,%%safer,%1)

%3 = @algorithm(DECODE,GOST,%%gost,%3)

%4 = @algorithm(DECODE,TWOFISH,%%twofish,%3)

%5 = @algorithm(DECODE,3WAY,%%way,%4)

And after it compare the result to ???

PS if you try to unpack the alloyck.dll
the program will give you an error message, because
the program look for the size of the dll and compare it at first.

To use the alloyck.dll in Visual DialogScript scripts
the code is : external alloyck.dll,425322

Without this code it return an error

Good luck

July 8th, 2001, 11:58
Are you not strong enough to crack this log