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June 20th, 2001, 04:16
I dumped a tElock packed exe to disk and im getting problems with the resources(?) ex,DialogBoxParamA returns -1...resources seem to be ok as Exescope and other programs view them perfectly...the virtual offset of the .rsrc section seems also to be ok..wtf?

June 20th, 2001, 04:40
just checked out :-


can't see te!lock0.81m? where did you get it from ?

Here is my unpacked te!lock0.80 for you to study......


June 20th, 2001, 06:43
Hey Splaj,

what's happened to discompress lately


June 20th, 2001, 07:41

www.discompress.com :-

the 1 year domain registration expired and Vince'daMan has no visa card

maybe make a cjb jmp to ????

BTW I see r!sc (http//csir.cjb.net) works in radio now
so is cjb a retired crackers jobseekers referal site }>

June 20th, 2001, 09:36
hey im not retired, just tired ;-)

find me some nice porn site for me to redirect it to, if your not too keen on radio #1

June 20th, 2001, 09:51

radio #1 is ok, just the tune selection

please choose 'Trance'

BTW I am looking for Placebo MP3 rip of that nice tune 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'..............


June 20th, 2001, 10:50
redirect ok


June 21st, 2001, 02:54
nope,actually it's tElock 0.8
but that unpacked exe is probably stil no help for me since I don't know how you fixed those damn resources...

June 21st, 2001, 03:35

Sorry, I read your thread slowly now and saw you were unpacking 'a' te!locked target...not te!lock itself....and you unpacked it but it does not run ?

The only te!lock0.80 'target' I found so far was Iris3. I made some summary of the time I spent unpacking it, I assume you read the thread already.

The tricks to be aware of are the sectioncount set to FFFF - BTW fixed if you use LordePE to dump . The MUTEX (if programmer utilised this feature, BPX CreateMutexA to check) and the usual IT redirection. You can just stop the IT being destroyed or use RV to rebuild it. In this case I prefer to stop the destruction and dump the section and copy+paste in the final dump.

Also the SI detection is a bit tame , for Win9x use icedump /Protect on

So, have another go. Tell us your experience and I will try to help if your still stuck......as will lovely-r!sc cos he once wrote an unpacker for te!lock

BTW still no Placebo link

June 21st, 2001, 03:45
I am actually doing unpacker for tElock it has a mutex catcher atm (patch kernel and get the string that is pushed on stack) and also dumps target to disk with good oep.Import rebuilder is also 90% done..but I suck with resources