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April 30th, 2001, 06:14
Thx to everybody
for the answers, but my file is cripted. It use a class file and an extern file .bin. I have decripted the first part, and i suppose to have understand the next part of cripting .
But if anybody knows tuts with examples of java cripted files plz tell me.

thx again and bye


May 2nd, 2001, 13:51
Well, what kind of encryption is it? DES? Blowfish? Vigniere cipher?
Truncated linear conguential generator?

If you can't tell, send me the decompiled code & I'll have a look.

If it's strong encryption, the best you'll be able to do is a dictionary attack.

May 2nd, 2001, 17:15
Hi mike,
I don't know the name of the encrypt. The prg is VisualRoute 5.0b.
It is composed of 2 principal files:
vr.bin and vr.class
I have decompiled vr.class with jad, and i have found a first decrypt of vr.bin. I have added my save routine in Java and compiled it again. This patch save the new file. I have JADed this new file, cos it is a class, but a new loading of bin is maked. Sorry for ambiguos post, but if u want look at this prg.

Thx & bye

May 3rd, 2001, 14:46
So there's no password, just a fixed transform to unobscure the code. That ought to be easy to reobscure; just invert the "crypting" code to create a new bin file, or remove the decryption code entirely from the class file and just load the decrypted one directly.