View Full Version : When use "vendor defined encryption routines", how to set daemon related part?

January 19th, 2015, 02:59
When use "vendor defined encryption routines"ˆreference article below, how to set daemon related part (I mean make the daemon file has the encryption routines also)? Which file should be modified?


I try settings below, can be compiled, but the result seems not right.

blenderd.exe : lmrand1.exe lsvendor.obj lmappfil.obj
$(LD) $(LFLAGS) /out:$*.exe lsvendor.obj lm_new.obj lmappfil.obj \


#include <lmclient.h>
#include "lm_code.h"
#include "lm_attr.h"

char *my_crypt(LM_HANDLE *, CONFIG *, char *, VENDORCODE *); // prototype for my encryption function

/* My vendor defined encryption routine */
char *my_crypt(LM_HANDLE *job, CONFIG *conf, char *sdate, VENDORCODE *key)
char *lic_key;
char *modify_key(char *); // prototype

lc_set_attr(job, LM_A_USER_CRYPT, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE)0);
lic_key = lc_crypt(job, conf, sdate, key); // This is the normal way to get the license key
lc_set_attr(job, LM_A_USER_CRYPT,(LM_A_VAL_TYPE)my_crypt);

/* modify the license-key */


char *modify_key(char *key)
return ("123456789123"; // just return a constant string
// This function could contain a really complicated algorithm
// to change the normal license key in some way
// but who cares.