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November 17th, 2014, 10:02
From the movie: NIGHTCRAWLER (2014)

Sorry, I don't have a screenshot. This is the software the hero uses to rename his media files and copy files from his camcorder to the laptop.

I'm thinking Adobe Premier Pro, but I could be wrong. A couple of things to remember here:

1. It's a Windows software

2. It's got a media manager (that's what we see when he renames the files)

3. The names of the videos that he enters are in OCR Fonts. This means the user interface font has to be customizable (not available in Adobe Premiere Pro, as much as I know)

4. Alternate BANDS of light and dark to help distinguish file list better

5. LARGE height of each individual row

Any person willing to hazard a guess?

Have Phun

November 19th, 2014, 18:38
Windows 7 Movie Maker? Just to go on a supposition that the production company wouldn't want to pay some rights for usage of a commercial software on screen. On the other hand, maybe they would get advertising revenue? Does Coca-Cola pay anything if Godzilla destroys one of their billboard signs in Tokyo?

Or, if it was just a movie prop computer for a scene, could it have been a fake software transmogrified to appear functional?

Or, maybe it was already installed on some technicians computer and they got Adobe's permission and used it in the movie. What would the movie pro's be using for their daily work anyway?